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-Should your yard be an inviting, sustainable environment for birds, butterflies and bees, or a sterile, lifeless landscape? Hear about the exciting local project which is already being adopted by your neighbors.
-Gas-powered leaf blowers are noisy and polluting - and illegal in the City of LA - so why are we still seeing & hearing them and what are the alternatives?
-Native plants: Learn about why, what, when & how. Come find out & leave with your own native plant.
Presented by:
David Newsom (Wild Yards Project
Lisa Novick (Theodore Payne Foundation Outreach Director)
Natalie Freidberg (ERNC Sustainability Director & EcoNerd)
Chloe Renee Ziegler (ERNC Blvds Director & Landscape Designer)
Lisa Hart (Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Board Member)
SUNDAY NOV. 12th, 10a-12p
Rain barrels from may be picked up after the event form 12:30-1pm

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